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What’s on this week

Live Comedy March 18 - 24

Akmal “Live”
Wed 20 – Canberra Comedy Festival – Book Tickets
Thu 21 – Moncrieff Theatre, Bundaberg  - 07 4130 4100
Fri 22 – Brolga Theatre, Maryborough – Book Tickets
Sat 23 – Events Centre, Caloundra – Book Tickets

Ross Noble “Mindblender”
Tue 19 – Albany Entertainment Centre – Book Tickets
Wed 20 – Bunbury Entertainment Centre –Book Tickets
Thu 21 –Mandurah Performing Arts Centre – Book Tickets
Fri 22 – Challenge Stadium Perth – Book Tickets

“Hello Kitty Flanagan”
Thu 21 – BPACC, Benalla – Book Tickets
Fri 22 – Eastbank Centre, Shepparton – Book Tickets

Jimeoin “What!?”
Fri 22 – Twin Towns Services Club – Book Tickets

The Umbilical Brothers “Don’t Explain”
Sat 23 – Darwin Entertainment Centre – Book Tickets

What’s on this week

Live Comedy February 25 - March 3


Carl Barron “A One Ended Stick”
Tue 26 - Thu 28
The Capital Theatre, Bendigo
Click here to book

"Hello Kitty Flanagan"
Thu Feb 28 - Sun Mar 10
Royalty Theatre, Adelaide Fringe Festival
Click here to book

Chris Franklin “No Mullet Policy”
Fri Mar 1 - Sat Mar 2
The Alma Tavern, Norwood
Click here to book

Puppetry of the Penis
Fri Mar 1 - Sat Mar 2
The Royalty Theatre, Adelaide
Click here to book

The Umbilical Brothers “A Kids Show (Not Suitable for kids)”
Fri Mar 1 - Sun Mar 3
Gordon Theatre, Ilawarra Performing Arts Centre
Click here to book

Tripod “Men of Substance”
Fri Mar 1 - Geelong Performing Arts Centre - Book Tickets
Sat Mar 2 - Wyndham Cultural Centre - Book Tickets

Raymond Crowe “Curiosities”
Fri Mar 1 - Sun Mar 3
The Royalty Theatre, Adelaide Fringe Festival
Click here to book

Akmal “Live”
Sat Mar 2 - Empire Theatre, Toowoomba - Book Tickets

Aussie Stand-Up Sale on iTunes!

To Celebrate Australia day we have created some very special iTunes Collections at sizzling hot prices! 

Check out the Carl Barron Collection, The Umbilical Brothers Maximum Visual Impact Set and The Best of the Footy Show Comedians Double! These collections will only be available for a limited time so make sure you get them while you still can! 

New iTunes Releases

Arj Barker “Joy Harvest”

The Seeds of Laughter have yielded a bountiful and veritable banquet of succulent, pesticide-free comedy for you to awaken to the reality of Who You Are: A Benevolent Being of Light. With gratitude, Arj offers you an hour long stand-up performance (based on the live show, Let Me Do The Talking) filmed at the beautiful State Theatre in Sydney. The wait is over friends, it’s time to dig in.
Arj Barker: Joy Harvest - Arj Barker: Joy Harvest


The Umbilical Brothers “Heaven by Storm”

Welcome to the Umbilical Brothers third spectacular recording. It takes the boys on the adventure of their lives, from the bathroom to the very gates of heaven. This show cemented their critical acclaim, winning them a coveted Perrier nomination and critics’ choice award at the Edinburgh Fringe. London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Stockholm, Auckland, Helsinki, Berlin: those are the names of some places. And the Umbies have performed this storming show in them. Take the journey and secure a seat in comedy heaven. 

The Umbilical Brothers: Heaven By Storm - The Umbilical Brothers: Heaven By Storm

Whats on this week?

We are smack bang in the middle of the Aussie Comedy Festival season and May madness is about to hit, our monthly newsletters are going out this week and never before have we had so many shows on all over the country, all in one month.

If you’re looking for something to do this week, search no further than our weekly what’s on comedy guide!

In The Air Tonight
Sidetrack Theatre, Marrickville
1-20 May 8pm (no shows 2, 3, 7, 9, 14)
6, 13, 19 4pm Matinee Shows

Bookings: 02 9020 6966 or

Welcome to 2006. Our scene takes place in Darwin Australia, specifically at the location of the Australia’s Secret Space Mission. This Mission was established in 1989, when a young scientist named Benson discovered that there was a way to launch a manned space mission to the planet Pluto. In 1989 the mission was launched, with a target of hitting Pluto in 2006.  With an  20 year time span, this mission was going to be the most mentally intense mission ever attempted by a human. Two astronauts, both having broke up from long-term relationships chose to accept this task. The spaceship, amongst other luxuries, could handle the digital storage of 14 songs. The songs would have to be timeless and inspirational - and great care was taken to allow equal weighting to the suggestions of all those at the Space Mission. However, due to the strain on personal relationships caused by the mission, and the proximity of the launch coincided with the release of the 1989 album ‘But Seriously…’, it came to pass that the 14 precious places were filled with a collection of Phil Collins Greatest Hits. Our story takes place 1 year before the intended landing, where our heroes, Xavier and Jared sit patiently, having cycled through Phil Collins back catalogue a staggering 93,000 times, awaiting their landing on the planet furthest from the Sun - Pluto. The exact time when it is discovered that Pluto is no longer a planet.

Ross Noble “Nonsensory Overload”
Tuesday May 1 - Albury Entertainment Centre
02 6043 5610 or
Wednesday May 3 - Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre
1300 788 503 or
Thursday May 4 & Friday May 5 - IPAC Wollongong
02 4224 5999 or

Nonsensory Overload is Noble back fresh from his travels, doing what he does best; spinning forth hilarious nonsense for your amusement. Now is your chance to see one of the best live comics working internationally today.

Carl Barron “A One Ended Stick”
Tuesday May 1 & Saturday May 5 - Gladstone Entertainment Centre *SOLD OUT*
Wednesday May 2, Friday May 4 & Sunday May 6 - Pilbeam Theatre, Rockhampton
07 4924 5600 or *LIMITED TIX*

Get ready for something a little different with Carl’s new monologue/stand-up/music show. More Troy stories, worms, ants, acid, and being Carl Barron are all explored. Follow Carl as he looks for things that may not actually be there.

Heath Franklin’s Chopper “A Hard Bastards Guide to Life”
Wednesday May 2 - Campbelltown RSL Club
02 4625 1408 or
Thursday May 3 - Castle Hill RSL Club
02 8868 4800 or
Friday May 4 - Riverstone RSL Club
02 9627 1811 or
Saturday May 5 - St Mary’s Band Club
02 9623 1211 or

Since the dawn of time, man has questioned the origin and meaning of his existence. Work? Relationships? Justin Beiber? So stop asking why, and start asking how? How can I prove to the world that I was right and it was wrong, and that it can go and suck a leaky bag of “I told you so”?
Heath Franklin brings his award winning alter-ego Chopper in A Hard Bastards Guide to Life, a comprehensive “hit list” on how not to just survive, but thrive in a modern world that thinks it’s better than it is. With Chopper’s step-by-step guide, you’ll learn how to punch life in the guts, take compromising photo’s of it’s wife and watch it cry as it hands over the keys to your future…

Akmal Live - The Enmore Theatre, Thursday May 3
Bookings: 136 849 or

This year’s show promises to be Akmal’s most punctual, and jam-packed with lots of words, some of which he will be using for the first time. Also, for the first time in the history of the Sydney Comedy Festival, Akmal will be appearing in high definition 3D (glasses not provided).

The Kransky Sisters
Friday May 4 - Belmont 16ft Sailing Club
02 4945 0888 or
Saturday May 5 - Nelson Bay Diggers
02 4981 1344 or

From ABBA to Pink Floyd and Beyonce to AC/DC these three eccentric sisters with their eclectic mix of instruments including the musical saw, tuba, old reed keyboard and kitchen pots have cooked up a very special sweet and sour serving of well known songs. Hot out of the oven, these oddball Queensland Sisters, reminiscent of your old Aunties, will leave you wanting seconds.

Shane Dundas “Believe” - Courtyard Studio, Canberra Theatre
Friday May 4 - Sunday May 13
Bookings: 02 6275 2700

He’s doing a show all by himself, so he’ll have to believe in something. As half of the Umbilical Brothers, Shane fell down a lot. Now he’s going to have to stand-up. Are you with him? Can he make you believe? Take the leap: nirvana or train wreck, you’ll want to be there when it happens.

Puppetry of the Penis: Live in 3D
Saturday May 5 - Enmore Theatre
Bookings: 02 9550 3666 or

The astonishing and unforgettable ancient Australian art of genital origami is back with a brand new show, and this time in 3D. For the last dickade Puppetry of the Penis has broken all box office records worldwide. The new show will be utilizing the latest 3D projection technology with the audience being given 3D glasses to wear, experiencing this head shaking, outrageously funny production as it’s never been seen before. So real you can almost touch it!

We have a tumblr!

This tumblr account is going to be so much more than just another way of increasing A-List Entertainment’s social media presence which in turn creates awareness of the company, which in turn drives people to our website to see what our AMAZING comedian’s are up to which in turn becomes ticket sales and ticket sales feed comedians and pay staff wages.

While that is important, it’s also an excuse for Kylie (me) the social media girl in the office to spend time doing all things that are fun to her like blogging, sharing office shenanigans, giving comedy fans exclusive behind the scenes access and naturally updating everyone on what our fantastic comedians are up to and promoting their shows.

Here are a few things about us - things that will make you want to follow/bookmark/become obsessed with this tumblr account, sign up to our monthly email newsletter, download our iPhone app, subscribe to our youtube channel, follow us on twitter, like us on facebook…etc etc

So in summary, if you love comedy, shenanigans, fun and cute dogs you’ll love A-List Entertainment. That’s it from us now. Keep an eye on this space!



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