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Puppetry of the Penis announces auditions!

Puppetry of the Penis announces audition to uncover show’s next stars

 Australia’s most successful comedy export Puppetry of the Penis announced an audition to discover the next round of puppeteers.

The audition, to be held at the Bristol Arms Retro Hotel in the Sydney CBD on April 16 at 6pm will see the show’s creator Simon Morley look specifically for puppeteers for its Australian tours and Private Party business where the current stars cut their teeth performing 20 minute shows.

Simon is also looking for Australian men who can speak basic Italian to be the faces of their first Italian show scheduled for late 2012.

The audition is open to any brave male looking to be paid handsomely in return for leaving his pants and shame at the door.

“We are looking for puppeteers who can not only perform the tricks but can keep an audience entertained and charmed for an hour. Successful auditionees who work hard can expect great perks including performing internationally at the world’s leading comedy festivals,” said Puppetry of the Penis creator Simon Morley.

 Auditionees will be taken through a brief Masters Class in the ancient art of genital origami by the original Penis Puppeteer Simon Morley, including the art of the pre-show stretch. Auditionees will be expected to demonstrate several of the tricks they have learned before a panel of judges.

 The panel will announce who has been successful at the audition and will contact that group within a week with details of whether they have been successful for the Italian show, Australian tour or Private Party business.

 Puppetry of the Penis is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes circumcised and uncircumcised genital origami hopefuls. Participants must have own equipment.

 To reserve your place in the audition and receive your information kit please email 


The new Puppetry of the Penis live 3D comedy show is the world’s first live 3D comedy act which uses the latest 3D and CGI technology. It is currently touring Australia (dates below)

 Tour dates


Dates:              April 17 – 29, 2012

Venue:             Athenaeum Theatre, Melbourne

Bookings:        03 9650 1500 or

Tickets:           Tues $30.00; Wed, Thurs $33.00; Fri, Sat, Sun $35.00

Times:             7.00pm 17th – 21st April & 8.00pm 24th – 29th April

 Puppetry of the Penis 3D will feature as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2012


Dates:              May 5, 2012

Venue:             Enmore Theatre, Sydney

Bookings:        02 9020 6966 or


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