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Akmal “The Extra” (by Akmal Saleh)

Akmal’s Sydney Club Tour starts tonight at Mounties. Check out for tour dates and booking into. 

Also make sure you subscribe to Akmal’s brand new Official YouTube Channel (which will be getting bigger and better over the next few months) 


Check out Shane & David from the Umbilical Brothers tropfest entry for 2012.

A man is questioned in an unnamed room. His interrogator will not let him leave until he gets the answer. For assistance he calls in Johnson, whose efforts seriously undermind his authority.


Go to and Click on the VOTE tab to view the films. Our film is called SECOND DEGREE

You vote by clicking THUMBS UP LIKE icon.

Each IP address can vote once every 24 hours so urge people to vote every day if they remember. If we spread this wide enough we should be able to get into the finals.  

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