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We have a tumblr!

This tumblr account is going to be so much more than just another way of increasing A-List Entertainment’s social media presence which in turn creates awareness of the company, which in turn drives people to our website to see what our AMAZING comedian’s are up to which in turn becomes ticket sales and ticket sales feed comedians and pay staff wages.

While that is important, it’s also an excuse for Kylie (me) the social media girl in the office to spend time doing all things that are fun to her like blogging, sharing office shenanigans, giving comedy fans exclusive behind the scenes access and naturally updating everyone on what our fantastic comedians are up to and promoting their shows.

Here are a few things about us - things that will make you want to follow/bookmark/become obsessed with this tumblr account, sign up to our monthly email newsletter, download our iPhone app, subscribe to our youtube channel, follow us on twitter, like us on facebook…etc etc

So in summary, if you love comedy, shenanigans, fun and cute dogs you’ll love A-List Entertainment. That’s it from us now. Keep an eye on this space!



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