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The comedy of anatomy & censorship

Late yesterday afternoon we received word that a formal complaint had been made to the Advertising Standards Board against the billboard advertising a show we have coming up at The Twelfth Night Theatre in Brisbane.

The show just so happens to be Puppetry of the Penis 3D and the artwork looks something like this (you can click on the image if you’d like to purchase tickets to see what all the hullabaloo is about - other dates available at

The letter stated that “We teach our children to behave civilly and use words appropriately. This billboard offends against this dignity by thrusting the male genital part into the public arena for entertainment and laughs.

Firstly the word is used in the correct context (which is appropriate) and secondly the billboard contains no nudity, so how is it thrusting the ‘male genital part’ into the public arena? AND what’s wrong with laughing at male genitalia? Genitals are funny! (Australian punk band Frenzal Rhomb even wrote a song about it, but it isn’t online so I can’t link you to it, but Jon LaJoie has a great song called ‘Show us your Genitals' which you can watch instead)

Regardless of if the billboard is inappropriate or not, it sure has stirred up some great publicity for the shows with multiple media outlets covering the story (the articles are worth checking out for the comment sections alone!) not to mention some great discussion on facebook pages

Brisbane Courier Mail (original story)

If you’d like to support Puppetry of the Penis and see what all the fuss is about you can check out a live show or buy the DVDs

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